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My Issues that Work for You

"In my second term I will use my knowledge and experience to lead our community forward. By working together, we can keep the conversation focused on the most important issues facing our community."

"Issues are changing rapidly, making our election process more important than ever."

"I commit to applying my skills and work ethic to serve Sebastopol with an open heart and open mind."


 My proudest accomplishments as your Sebastopol Councilmember

"During my last four years, I feel proud of the work I have done and what I have accomplished. I was able to create the "Locals that Make a Difference" program which honors and encourages our local residents who sometimes go unnoticed, yet make our community a special place. I am also proud to have supported "green policies" in our city, including sponsoring electronic council packets, to get away from seeming endless paper waste. Most recently, I worked with Supervisor Hopkins to honor our high school graduates with recognition banners within our own city and throughout West County for our seniors who didn't get to be honored with a traditional graduation due to the Covid pandemic.

My proudest moments came as Sebastopol's Mayor in 2019. We had many challenges during our Spring flood event. During that time, I worked daily to ensure that everyone who was impacted had support. I personally toured the site with public officials responsible for providing aid and with representatives from FEMA. I attended County community meetings and held our own community meeting with public agencies on-hand. I worked closely with elected officials and helped secure $1.5 million in flood relief for our city! However, as Mayor my work wasn't finished. The Fall 2019 PG&E public safety power shutoffs were followed by the first city-wide evacuation during the Kincade fire. I am proud of our response during those times of unprecedented turmoil and I continue to be proud of our response to the current pandemic challenge and fire emergencies." 

If re-elected, I will:

  • PRACTICE COLLABORATION AND INCLUSION.  When I approach issues, I listen to our entire community, not just people shouting the loudest. I approach each issue without preconceptions. I also do my homework in advance and I carefully consider all input.
  • BE AN ADVOCATE FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING. We need to create opportunities that allow our neighbors to flourish and our children to live in the community that they were raised. My children and eventually my grandchildren are relying upon me to grow our local economy and find creative paths to more affordable housing.
  • BE A VOICE TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT AND REDUCE WASTE. Sebastopol leads the county in its zero waste initiatives. Let's continue that effort with policies that protect our environment and leave a healthy legacy for our children.
  • REQUIRE SMART GROWTH IN OUR COMMUNITY. I support local business, innovation and well-planned projects that serve the greater community and enhance the quality of life for all residents.
  • BE THE VOICE FOR SPENDING OUR LIMITED BUDGET WISELY. As a city council budget sub-committee member, I will continue to call for transparency during expenditure of public funds and will be the voice for spending your tax dollars wisely.
  • CONTINUE TO WORK ON HOMELESSNESS. My heart goes out to our neighbors who experience homelessness in our community. I participate in the annual Sonoma County Point-in-Time Homeless Count, and actively support fundraising for the Social Advocates for Youth organization. Homelessness in Sonoma County continues to grow at a rate that is almost impossible to keep up with, yet we must meet this challenge head on. Working with the elderly population has shown me that when people have a comfortable place with a roof over their head and supportive services, they can get a head start to a more fulfilling life. I have seen in the Park Village Community, sponsored by the City of Sebastopol, how residents thrive and move on to independent living with robust care and support.
    • LEAD BY EXAMPLE FOR POLITICAL REFORM IN OUR SMALL CITY. I believe that a healthy democracy should not be driven by candidates that can buy election by raising the most money. As I did four years ago, I am running a grass roots campaign that relies on contributions in line with restrictions that candidates in most other cities and proposed for the state in future guidelines are required to follow.

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